Aumbry 5 by Glacier Digital

Makes content manageable.

With Aumbry®, you never have to log in to a confusing “back end”. All of your content management is done “inline”, right on the front pages of your website so that you can see what your visitors see. Gone are the days of making changes, previewing those changes on the actual website, and then having to go back and change your changes.


  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Integrated site administration tool (no back end at all) for true in-line editing
  • Built on .NET by .NET experts
  • AODA/WCAG/Section 508 compliant out-of-the-box for accessible web pages
  • Shared objects for “build once” re-use on any number of pages
  • Easy-to-create contact forms
  • Unlimited users, roles and security at the site, page and page element level
  • User-friendly/search-engine friendly page URLs
  • Drag-and-drop pages and page elements
  • Powerful templating features
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Workflow management
  • Content “freezing” capability
  • Draft editing and approval
  • Unlimited element nesting—elements within elements within elements