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This very large public healthcare institution had a familiar problem: the website was huge and unwieldy. Hundreds of departments and services required very specific information to be presented in a way that was both easy to understand and easy to find.

Visitors to a hospital website are often not having a very good day, so we wanted to find a way to help them find the information they needed in as few steps as necessary. In cases like this, traditional menu-based navigation is more hindrance than help. We helped Halton implement a “search first” approach to the home page allowing visitors to interact with the site in much the same way they do with the internet itself. The pared-down homepage design also diminishes the overwhelming feeling of arriving at a huge website with no idea where to click next.

Using the Aumbry® content management system from Glacier-Digital, Halton Healthcare was able to template most of the web pages and use a bulk upload tool to manage content across the site from a central location.


Halton Healthcare relies on Glacier Digital’s corporate support team to keep the website up to date. Tweaks and upgrades are made in the background on a biweekly schedule, ensuring that the site never goes stale.

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