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Clean Sweep

When your truck driver is running your search marketing campaign on the side, it’s time to get some help. We took IIS’ relatively small digital budget and grew search-generated revenue by an order of magnitude, leading to a complete overhaul of the website to support ever-increasing online traffic. Glacier Digital’s no-compromise approach allowed IIS to integrate its existing inventory software directly into the website. A new partnership with a global equipment brand was forged. As new products and services were added to the business, online sales outpaced the IIS’s ability to keep up. A good problem to have.

The enormous growth in IIS’s online presence made them the online category leader
within their geographic areas, attracting the attention of larger competitors who
could not match their online success. With Glacier’s corporate support team working
in the background, the business was quickly positioned for a successful buyout
providing a significant return for the ownership team.

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