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WEB / .NET / PHP  Development

It’s official: more people now browse websites on phones than on computers. Is your website ready for today’s mobile customer?

Here’s a statistic so incredible it’s hard to believe: In Canada, there are only about 7 million more people than mobile devices. And in the United States, phones and tablets actually outnumber the population. (Source: Wikipedia)

That’s why mobile web development is both the trend of the moment and the wave of the future. Mobile web design—often called responsive design—is about providing the best possible experience for your visitors whether they’re using a desktop computer or a tablet or phone.

As you can imagine, it’s critical to your success in today’s mobile age. And it means if your website isn’t fine-tuned for performance on any platform—built using proven responsive web development methodologies by a dedicated team of specialized experts—then you’ve got problems.

At Glacier Digital, our web development team works on the frontier of technology, while following industry-compliant best practices and procedures, to deliver the best of both worlds—responsive website design and development that drives your business needs and engages your customer.

We Offer

  • Custom Application Development
  • .NET/PHP Programming
  • Modular, future-tech compatible development
  • Open Source On Request

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